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Pukka, at your service

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Hot on the heels of 1.0, we've just posted version 1.1 of Pukka, which adds a system service and fixes a couple bugs. Now you can send a selected URL to Pukka from any native Mac application. The default shortcut is Command-%. For example, select the current URL in Camino with Command-L, then send it to Pukka with Command-%. Of course, the bookmarklet (see Pukka->Install Bookmarklet...) is probably faster and more comprehensive when using a web browser, but the system service may come in handy for those non-browser situations.

Get Pukka 1.1 now over here or just update from within Pukka itself using Pukka->Check For Updates....


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Wow. Updates work like a charm.

Hi Andreas. Hope you find the Growl/popup bugfix to your liking as well. Thanks for finding that.

Hi - I keep getting a corrup image when I download.

Yep. It works great now. There is another thing, though. I don't know if it can be fixed, but sometimes, when posting links, Pukka tells me that my account-info is incorrect. I then go to the prefs and retype the password for my delicious-account, and everything is back to normal.

Dan: It is an internet-enabled image, which means it should auto-mount and copy Pukka off, but I think it should work the normal way as well. However, yours is the second report I've gotten of this, so I will check it out.

Andreas: I'm getting occasional reports of this as well -- I'm back to the drawing board on that to try to get to the bottom of it.

Bug: Command-W doesn't close the About box.

Anonymous bug reporter: Gotcha. Other programs don't behave like that, so I'll look into it. Thanks.

Justin, just registered, congrats on the initial release ;-)

I think I might have discovered a nasty data loss issue tho ... I spend quite a lot of time on customer sites having to drill through their firewalls/proxies, etc for network access. This morning I was running v1.1 and batch logging a number of open tabs from Camino that I had been working on last night, after about the 20th upload via Pukka, I needed to recall a tag used previously, so called up my page ... none of the uploads have been submitted to !

Pukka is sitting behind a simple proxy at the moment, the browsers are all utilising the platform designated (non-authenticated) proxy, all other apps seem fine. The annoying issue is that Pukka has been acknowledging the uploads (I use the sound confirmation), so I assumed they were going thru fine.

So, is there proxy support in Pukka (I certainly thought there was!)?
If not, any chance of adding it!
If yes, can I do anything to triage this more accurately for you?

Feel free to drop me a line if I can help clarify any of the above or assist in identifying the issue ...


Hi Craig. I will get a hold of you; this is very odd. It's strange that Pukka is somehow being fooled into thinking it was successful, as it is looking for a very specific response from to determine this.

Cmd-L, Cmd-% doesn't work for me in Camino. The Pukka window doesn't appear. I hear a boing sound.

Using "Send URL to Pukka" in the Services menu does work.

Doh! Ignore my previous post, I wasn't holding down the Shift key, was doing a Cmd-5 instead of Cmd-%.

Hi Paul, glad you were able to get to the bottom of it. Make sure you check out the bookmarklet too -- it works in Camino as well as the other browsers. That way you can grab the title and any highlighted text as well.

Great work and a very handy application. I use Pukka several times a day. However I noticed that if there's a semicolon (";") in the description field, everything after the semicolon gets stripped off. Yikes!

Hi Kathryn, thanks for stopping by. I'll look into that for the next release (any day now...)