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Pukka 1.2 is out!

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After some extended testing, Pukka 1.2 is ready to go! It brings a couple of new features and a veritable slew of bug fixes.

First and foremost, Pukka now uses the new SSL API. Combined with that and some revamped keychain handling, the first time you run the new version, you'll need to re-enter your account password(s). However, now you'll be operating over SSL for added security.

This version also features a new tags field that auto-resizes based on how much space you need.

screenshot of expanding tags field

Lastly, there is a new preference item for enabling or disabling the warning messages when you attempt to reset, close, or quit and there is unposted data.

You can grab Pukka 1.2 here and read the full list of changes in the appcast.

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You know, it's funny. When I first saw Pukka, I thought ... "eh... ok. I probably won't try it. The bookmarklet is just fine". For some reason I decided to try it, and the next thing you know I had to register it. Great application!

Thanks for the feedback and for registering!