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Check out MacZot for a deal on Pukka!

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Pukka is today's featured app over at MacZot, so check it out! You can get it at half price, but only for today. MacZot promotes all kinds of software at great prices with something new every day.

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My name's Matthew Bishcoff, and I bought a license via MacZot. I've been using the trial version until I get my license and whenever I add the web2.0 tag the program crashes.


Hi Matt. Zot licenses are going out now, so you should have yours shortly. As for the crash, that's really strange -- I can't think of why that would happen. Do you have any other tags in at that point? How are you finishing the tag -- hitting enter, tabbing, picking it from a suggestions? etc. I can enter that tag just fine.


I first enter a tag, then the web2.0 tag from suggestions and then I hit the right arrow key. Then the box goes all white and I can't type anything. I have to quit and relaunch.


Hmm, can you send email a screenshot of it when it goes all white? Use Shift-Apple-3 to take a screenshot to the desktop.

I've purchased this through MacZOT and have yet to recieve my license. I commented a few times on maczot and just sent you an email that says the same. What's the deal? Did my info get lost or is there a delay in the licenses for some reason?

Hi there. I commented on MacZot and I'll email you as well. I sent out the licenses about 2pm Eastern yesterday and I have the mail log records. For yours specifically, I show it accepted by your provider at 2:37:51. I'll email you and make sure we can resolve this.

Hey, I've been meaning to thank you for helping to resolve this. I don't know what happened to the first email. I checked my mail about once an hour that day for it and even made sure nothing went to the funk filter. No worries though... that email account IS a product of microsoft so I can't say it surprises me that it can't handle basic functions. :)

Thanks again!