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Any AppleScripters out there?

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As I mentioned previously, the next version of Pukka will have AppleScript support, among other new features. I'm looking for a couple people to test it out, specifically the AppleScript functionality. So, if you're interested and feel you know how AppleScript should be done, either leave a comment or send me an email and I'll hook you up.

Thanks in advance!

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I'd be interested in giving the scriptability a whirl.
What functions of pukka have you made scriptable?

Hi Dan. Currently, I've got support for setting and getting all of the fields in the main window (URL, title, tags as a list, and description), getting the list of available accounts to post to, setting the active account, opening pages, getting a list of Bonjour users, managing preferences, submitting & resetting, plus a couple knobs related to features that are coming out in this next version. I'll send you a copy and I'd appreciate any feedback!

I'd be eager to try out any early releases... I did the same for NetNewsWire and other apps so I've got a bit of experience testing out new apps and documenting any problems. (Yeah, I kinda did the same thing for Flock when I worked there too).

Hi Chris. Right now I'm looking specifically for AppleScript testing -- are you into that? I'm less familiar with it and I'd like a look-over by someone who actively scripts a lot of stuff.