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Code Sorcery Workshop meets Woz!

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Just wanted to post a note that I went to Steve Wozniak's local iWoz book signing tonight here in DC. It was mentioned as the first time a book has sold out in advance of the author arriving. Congrats Woz! While it was a little too crowded to 'meet' him in any meaningful way, I hope I left a mark when he signed my MacBook Pro! He was generous enough to also sign my copy of iWoz.

I'd also like to note that though I've been a little quiet lately, work is happening behind the scenes. I've recently moved to freelancing and have freed up some more time to work on Pukka and other forthcoming projects. I'll try to live by the adage of "under promise, over deliver" so that's all I'll say about that for now ;-)

Keep the feedback coming in and I look forward to releasing some new goodies in the near future!

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Hi - I've downloaded the .dmg file 2x and it won't mount. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm anxious to try this product! Thanks.

Hi there. I've occasionally heard of an issue with Safari and this disk image. Once you download it, try renaming to take the .bz2 extension off that Safari puts on and see if it works then. The actual file that I have for download ends in .dmg.

It worked! Thanks.

Nice to hear that you're still alive!

I use your app everyday and although it's earned more than its price nothing makes me more happier than seeing a developer in action polishing a wonderful app.

The two features I currently wish for:

1. The ability to have Pukka close automatically after posting

I'm really picky about keeping as many apps out of memory as possible (even small ones)

2. Retreival of tags for already posted stuff.

This is the one thing I miss from the Firefox Plugin. Maybe it can take advantage of the cache stored by Cocoalicious to save hits or maybe download a cache of current urls and tags.

Other than that the app is more or less perfect to me. I'm sure some other people wish for Magnolia support even though I hardly use it.

Either way, I wish you the best of luck in your future adventures. This app is the only thing tethering me to and definitely one of the best buys I've made.