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Leopard Tech Talk - NYC

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Just a note that I'll be attending Apple's Leopard Tech Talk in NYC on January 24th. If there are any Cocoa developers out there reading now, I hope to see you there! I'll be making a trip up from DC for part of the week. Are there any other good Apple-related things going on around then that I should seek out?

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I'll be there as well, but probably only for the day .. will take the train up from Philly.

See you then.

It'd be a shame not to go to THE Apple Store... :)

I'll be attending the Atlanta Leopard meeting on the 26th. Intentionally picked one of the later sessions just to get the scoop closest in to the launch.

Question... I've been an ADC member for three years now... is there ANY sanctioned (even moderated) forum for Apple developers to discuss this prerelease stuff that you know of? BTW, I'll be on iChat most of the day at the email address I posted by.

I'm definitely going to the big store! ;-)

I'm not sure if there is a forum for prerelease stuff. Not that I've found, anyway.

Do you really think Leopard will be out next month?

I will be there too! I am very excited, this will be my first time attending any Apple event!

@Ken: Great, I'll be looking for you! My first developer event was C4 in October and I'm looking forward to WWDC this year as well.