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Pukka + NetNewsWire = ♥

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We're happy to announce that the latest NetNewsWire Beta has added support for a posting client in addition to a normal external blogging client. What's more, Pukka is on the official list of supported clients!

This means that you can now set your favorite blog posting software (such as MarsEdit) for posting to blogs and Pukka for posting to

Pukka + NNW = ♥

Special thanks to Brent for recognizing the Workshop. As he has said before, apps that work well with other apps are more valuable than apps that isolate themselves. We hope to continue to make Pukka better and more useful for you, so this is a great step forward!

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Also, crazy delicious. Three cheers for tight integration and more, more, more social bookmarking.

Pukka already has the one thing that I do want from Cocoalicious: support for multiple accounts.

Cocoalicious already has the one thing I want from Pukka: Applescriptability.

Unfortunately I value the scriptability bit more highly because I post via C/licious and then on to MarsEdit.... but if that changed..

..sorry, should have added: then I'll pay up in a heartbeat.

Hi Charles. I've got AppleScriptability on the radar, as I know some people are very fond of it. I use it a bit with some apps, but I can recognize the value still. What kind of functionality would you be looking for? Can you give me a scenario example, either specifically what you're talking about with MarsEdit or with something else?