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Pukka 1.5.2: an RSS reader/bookmarklet fix and Leopard support!

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Just a quick note that I've released Pukka 1.5.2 with two small enhancements. You can get it now from the download page or read on for more details.

The first improvement is that Pukka now truncates descriptions passed from RSS readers or the bookmarklet to 255 characters by default. After Pukka 1.5.1 introduced the proper passing of highlighted descriptions from RSS readers, many users noticed that not highlighting anything would pass the entire news feed item body as the description, often with thousands of characters. This is because the posting protocol doesn't distinguish between highlighting the whole body and not highlighting anything. While I've been in contact with Brent Simmons, the developer of NetNewsWire and creator of the External Weblog Editor Interface, in order to overcome this, I hope that this addition will provide a reasonable default in the meantime.

This default can be overridden by performing the following command in Terminal:

defaults write net.codesorcery.Pukka AcceptLongDescription -bool true

The second improvement is that Pukka is now ready for Leopard! While I'm not aware of any incompatibilities at this point, I ask that if you use Pukka and you have access to Leopard, please let me know of any problems that you might find. Leopard is still a moving target, but this build of Pukka has been tested with the WWDC 2007 beta of Leopard (build 9A466).

That's all for now... more improvements are still in store for Pukka and I've also got another application or two in the works, but it's best I leave it at that for now. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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I have to say I don't think that's an improvement; I can't be the only person who often highlights more than 255 characters and edits it down to length in the Pukka posting box. But thanks for providing the Terminal command to override it.