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Pukka 1.6.1: Vienna bugfix

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I've just released a minor bugfix to Pukka, version 1.6.1. This version fixes a bug that would prevent the Vienna RSS reader from passing items properly. Grab it now!

As a side note, the behavior among Pukka's supported RSS readers is slightly different when it comes to the RSS item text passed as Pukka's description:

  • NetNewsWire passes any selected body text as the description. If nothing is selected, the whole body is passed (subject to automatic truncating down to the maximum of 255 characters, which you can read more about in this post).
  • NewsFire passes the whole item body every time, regardless of selection (subject to the same truncation).
  • Vienna passes an empty body every time, regardless of selection.

I will be contacting the authors of NewsFire and Vienna to see if they can possibly work with the text selection for a more consistent experience, but for now, that's the story!


Update: I've just submitted a patch to the Vienna development mailing list that should fix the above behavior and pass along any selected article text as Pukka's description. If you're impatient and you happen to build and run the latest Vienna from source, this patch will get you that behavior now!

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