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Now that Leopard shows Dictionary results in Spotlight, I recently discovered that every Mac now may show Pukka as a Spotlight search result! As you can imagine, I have a lot of things on my Mac related to Pukka, from source code to images to emails to iChats, but the fact that everyone's dictionary, and by extension, Spotlight, now has its namesake word gave me the idea to revisit just where the name came from.

Nearly two years ago, a then-coworker gave me the idea for Pukka and, since I had been waiting for the right opportunity to create a Mac app, I had a prototype going within a week. When it came time to give the app a name, I came up empty, but then my wife suggested the name Pukka after a word that British chef Jamie Oliver used all the time on his shows and that we took to mean "delicious" or "tasty". As you can imagine, this was a nice fit -- a unique word, short but memorable, with a cool, somewhat hidden meaning that mirrored, the service with which it interacted.

I didn't realize until some time later that the word had more of a meaning of "excellent" than good in the culinary sense, so maybe I would have backed off a little on the horn-tootin' had I realized that ;-)

Anyway, now, a couple years later, who would have guessed that my Pukka would be the number one Google result or that many people would come to depend on it? It's a been a fun couple years and I still have big plans in store for Pukka (and some other apps), so stay tuned!

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