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Blog archives for February 2006

Hello world!

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Welcome to Code Sorcery Workshop. I'm a Mac-loving technology aficionado just like you and I want to write great Mac software that's fun to use. I have a day job, but I really like Cocoa and the idea of writing software for a living, so here I am, starting small.

Check out my blogroll for some other great Mac software, all of which I use. Much thanks to Brent Simmons, who first opened my eyes to great Mac shareware, and to Luis de la Rosa, who recently got me excited about it all over again.

My first app is called Pukka and is a posting client. I wrote it after someone at work mentioned that there weren't any good multi-account clients. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are no speedy clients with low overhead that stay out of the way, either.

I set out to write a program that does the actual posting and I had it working that night. It grew from there as I lovingly tweaked it and worked with beta testers to make it better. I hope you like it. What's more, I hope that you'll support my efforts so that I can keep the creative juices flowing. Pukka is a free beta until March 15, at which point I hope to be able to sell the 1.0 release for a nominal fee (again, starting small -- feel free to give me feedback on this.)

Now, get posting! And thanks for visiting.