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Blog archives for August 2006, Pukka and (more) AppleScript

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The following AppleScript takes the current page in safari and uses Pukka to send the link to If there is any text selected it gets added as the description, as does the referrer. The slight twist is that it uses some javascript to ask what tags to assign to the page. [...] That is as near as it gets to Safari integration with from what I can find.

Thanks for the work on this, Lee. I was hoping someone would figure out how to get it to ask for tags. ;-)

AppleScript action!

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I thought I'd point out some of the usefulness of the new AppleScript features in Pukka in a little more detail. With an application launcher like LaunchBar or Quicksilver that can launch AppleScripts, you can bookmark things to in only a few keystrokes.

Case in point: I find myself frequently needing to bookmark things to read later. So my workflow is this: I browse them in Safari, hit Command-Space to bring up LaunchBar, and type B to bring up my entry for the Bookmark current Safari page to read later script.

screenshot of LaunchBar calling AppleScript

I hit enter and a few seconds later see a Growl notification that the page has been bookmarked. Pukka doesn't even come to the foreground and I have posted a link complete with URL, title, referrer (if any), and any selected text in the description. The link is also tagged @toread and is marked as private. I didn't have to even see Pukka nor wait for any delays with for all of this to happen.

Thanks, AppleScript!

If you use the above script, be sure to edit it in Script Editor first to change it to your desired username, tag(s), and privacy settings.

I'd love to see what scripts you can come up with, so feel free to post in the comments if you have any scripts or any ideas for scripts. Also check out this TUAW post on enabling the AppleScript menu if you don't normally use a launcher.

On the design front...

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I forgot to mention last week that Josh Teague Studios and I have been working together on user interface ideas for Pukka. He provided the original inspiration for the design of the private bookmarking in the last release and we've been talking about other directions things could go in. Have a look at his ideas here and be sure to check out the rest of his portfolio!

WWDC predictions

So I guess I'll join the bandwagon and make a couple of WWDC predictions, albeit a little last-minute. In case you don't know, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference starts today in San Francisco and we'll be getting our first look at the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" and other Apple goodies in a few short hours. Here are my picks for the Stevenote, right or horribly wrong:

  • Mac Pro based on an Intel chip, with speeds of up to 3.0GHz. Don't ask me how, I just know Steve's been itching to hit that 3.0 mark for a while now...
  • Safe bets: resolution independence and Boot Camp, but no acquisition or bundling of Parallels or introduction of similar technology.
  • Pretty safe bet: faster, better Spotlight, billed as a breakthrough in the same way that the Panther Finder was. However, not rewritten (nor will Finder be, though it will have Safari-like, non-AppKit tabs). One thing it still won't be able to find, however, is a spinning beach ball during the Stevenote.
  • Somewhat long shot: iChat with VoIP integration. Through your .Mac account, you will be able to make free phone calls.
  • No brainer: widescreen mode of 'Nuff said. Also HTML composition.
  • Developer-specific: access to the new window style, a heavily updated HIG, and access to document collaboration over Bonjour within AppKit.
  • Gratuitous effects during the Stevenote: a ripple effect user switch, a warp speed login effect, and a new dock minimization/maximization effect: the window shrinks in place and spins into the dock, bouncing off of the edge of the screen on the way down. Steve will say nothing and only smirk as the crowd erupts in rapturous applause. Cut to closeup of Woz laughing heartily.
  • Nearly guaranteed: Safari, a rebranded Safari RSS that obsoletes Pukka in every conceivable, and at least three inconceivable, ways.

Ok, so I had a little fun with it. Hope you have as much fun watching it later today. To Leopard!