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Blog archives for October 2006

Tangerines are also delicious

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By the way, I wanted to give a shout out (and I've added a new blog category called "Shout Out") to Potion Factory for their new beta application, Tangerine. Sadly, while I have a penchant for delicious-looking applications, I don't work out with an iPod. However, my wife is already saying how much this will help her with her workout planning. So, congrats to Potion Factory and keep up the good work! It's great to see new, innovative applications for the Mac from lots of developers -- everybody wins!

See you at C4!

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If you are a fellow Mac developer, I hope to see you this weekend at C4 in Chicago. It's my first true Mac developer conference (sadly, I could not make WWDC this year). I'm looking forward to seeing some of you again (from the DC area) as well as meeting many more new folks.

In particular, I'm most interested in Brent Simmons' talk on the hybridization of the desktop and web services, Gus Mueller's about Lua scripting, and Brian Fitzpatrick as he talks about the future of one of my favorite tools, Subversion.

I'm also excited about the mix of relative newcomers like myself and old hands -- the hacking should be most excellent.

See you in The Windy City!

P.S. Hanging out in Chicago during the day Friday? Ping me if you want to meet up someplace with good coffee and strong wifi -- or vice-versa.