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Blog archives for May 2007

Pukka 1.5.1: A handy NetNewsWire tweak

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I've just released Pukka 1.5.1 -- go grab it now or auto-update from within the program. This is a minor tweak release with two additions: better NetNewsWire posting and the re-addition of tooltips in the preferences since their visual overhaul in 1.5.

On the NetNewsWire front, I have a bit of a mea culpa. If you use Pukka's bookmarklet to post from your browser, you've probably noticed the handy feature where any text that you've highlighted on the web page is automatically inserted into Pukka as the post description.

However, if you use NetNewsWire, you have probably noticed that this doesn't work the same way there. I have long though that it was not possible, but upon sitting down to write NetNewsWire's author Brent an email about it, I realized that the problem was not his fault, but mine. I should have known better -- there's a reason NetNewsWire is so popular! ;-)

NetNewsWire has always had the ability to pass highlighted text, but I never noticed it on the programming side. I'm happy to announce that this feature now works as expected. Just open a news item in NetNewsWire, highlight some text, hit ^⌘', and the URL, title, and, now, the description are all passed along as expected and Pukka is ready for you to tag.

As of yesterday, I've been selling Pukka as shareware for one year. From the very, very beginning, before Pukka was even public, I made the NetNewsWire integration available because, like Brent, I have always felt that apps should work together. Again, I apologize for taking so long to realize that I wasn't working together with NetNewsWire to its full potential.