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Meerkat 1.2b3

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Joined: 05/28/2008

New beta of Meerkat 1.2. Besides the changes from the previous betas, it includes:

  • Account keystroke shortcuts are now properly deleted when their associated accounts are and shortcuts are now set properly for new accounts.
  • Upgraded to Sparkle 1.5b6 for self-updating, which includes anonymous system profiling. Besides the normal things like hardware specs that are gathered, we also gather the number of tunnels & accounts that you are using and a unique, anonymous identifier in order to correlate statistics from users of Meerkat in multiple locations. This can be opted out of, but we'd really like the statistics to determine the need for Tiger support, reorganization of tunnel/account display, etc.
  • To compliment the new Sparkle, a configuration panel has been added to the preferences for auto-updates.

Grab the beta here.