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Tunnels hierarchy mess.

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Again, this is only my 2nd post, i'm very new to Meerkat.
i use SSH tunnels from command line on a hourly basis, in all our customer sites.
The problem i see with Meercat is that each tunnel is "bound" to one SSH account... Which is very unfortunate when you kinda setup the same tunnels at every customer. Let me explain what i would like to see.

- The Accounts window is fine.
- The Tunnels window should show a checkbox list of accounts for which the tunnels would be made available (In your Core Data file, just replace the to-one by a to-many relationship).
- This way, when clicking the MeerKat menu item, the application could show a hierarchical list of accounts > tunnels instead of listing all tunnels.

i'm not sure i'm explaining myself correctly... But i really think this setup can make the difference for pro-customers, as they would require to often tunnel the same ports for various customers, so the need to re-create each tunnels N times (N being the number of customers) would disappear.

Additionally and if this feature is retained, i would say that a tunnel would also be bindable to NO account, so it could appear on the menu top-level of the hierarchy, and when one clicks this tunnel, a dialog asks on which account to start it.

Or something like that :)

Best to you,