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Zeroconf services features.

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i'm trying Meerkat, and i believe some functionality lacks for the Zeroconf custom services manager.

When creating a ZeroConf service, it would be good to be able to assign it a name (Else, the tunnel name appears in the finder list for services such as AFP or VNC, and it is not always relevant).

Ultimately, this option should be definable in the account pane if my previous feature suggestion (Tunnel assignable to multiple account) is retained, with for instance some kind of tags for the name of the tunnel (Example: Use %C for customer name, %T for tunnel name, etc, so the text box for naming the Zeroconf service would offer to type "Tunnelled %C", which would then appear in the finder as "Tunnelled AccountName").

This would make possible to have multiple Zeroconf broadcasts with the same name, very useful for having things "grouped" in the finder (For instance, if i create an AFP tunnel and a VNC tunnel to the same customer account, i would like the Zeroconf entry to appear as a unique one in the finder, exactly as it behaves for real local machines, and when clicking it, the buttons on the top right of the finder would show "Share Screen" AND "Connect As...").

Am i clear enough? :)