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Software Licensing Policy

Number of Users

Code Sorcery Workshop's software licensing policy is very similar to that of The Omni Group's. Software is licensed for a given number of computers or users, whichever is lower. That's it.

For example, if you want to use Pukka at home and at work, but on two different Macs, this is allowed using one license. There is one user involved, which is less than the number of computers used.

Another example: If you want to use Meerkat on a workplace computer used by three employees, again, only one license is required.

If you have two users in a household using an application on three computers, two licenses are required.

Duration of License

Unless otherwise specified, a license is good for the remainder of the major version number product cycle. So if you purchase a license for Meerkat 1.x, depending upon our future plans, you may have to pay an upgrade fee when Meerkat 2.x comes out. Typically, however, years or more transpire between major version releases. And don't worry, we'll be fair if you register just before a new major version is released.

Contact Us

Questions? Interested in bulk or educational pricing? Lost your license? Contact us and we'll work it out.