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Pukka Screencast

This page was originally made a few years ago with an early screencast of Pukka. Now it points to the latest screencast, made in 2009. Get it directly here or in a zip download here.

This screencast was made with ScreenFlow, Sound Studio, Keynote, and GarageBand.

Below is the old content for posterity's sake.

See what Pukka looks like, how to set it up and get posting quickly, and how to save the most time by integrating it into your workflow with features such as automatic hiding and Growl.

The introductory screencast runs just over three minutes and 12MB with no voiceover and provides a visual overview of what you can do with Pukka.

The general screencast runs just under five minutes and will go a long way towards explaining just how Pukka purports to save you time and just where that name came from... Download the high-quality version [41.4MB QuickTime] or the bandwidth-saver version [7.8MB QuickTime].

These screencasts were produced with iShowU by shinywhitebox and Appleā€™s GarageBand, iMovie HD, QuickTime Pro.

See the original blog announcement here.