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Ever nearing 1.0!

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With this, version 0.9, hopefully being our last before the final version of Pukka is released, we're happy to announce a couple features and bug fixes.

Description length count

First, we have added a dynamic counter to show you how many characters you have left to type a link's description, or whether you've gone over that limit. We've tried to do this in the most subtle yet helpful way possible, so give it a shot and let us know what you think.

We've made it a bit easier to install the browser bookmarklet, too. Just use the application menu item and everything should be right in front of you.

Lastly, aside from some bug fixes, we've greatly improved the keyboard navigation. You can now tab between fields more intuitively, as well as go directly to individual fields and go to the next or previous posting account if you've got more than one set up.

So, go grab Pukka 0.9 now! This version is good until May 1, at which point we hope to have the final release ready to go!

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I enjoy using Pukka. it's nice and quick and light.

I am having one problem. I can't get the auto-complete for tags to work. Every time I type a character in the tags field, I get an alert beep from the system, and nothing ever auto-completes. The tag is changed to the capsule once I hit space, but no auto-complete.

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? I do have a couple of tags with non-alpha characters in them, if that matters.

Hmm, that's weird. The non-alpha characters might have something to do with it. I can try to debug it if you send me your preferences file. It doesn't have your password(s) -- those are in the keychain -- but it does have your username(s), if that matters. Anyway, the file is in your home folder under Library->Preferences->net.codesorcery.Pukka.plist. It will have your various preferences as well as your tags list.

Thanks for the feedback!

Email with plist sent to the Contact address given on this blog.

Two issues:

First, the "OK" button presented when posting is successful says
"Ok," different from standard use. Also, it would be nice if this
confirmation were optional: I'd rather be informed only of an
unsuccessful attempt rather than every successful post.

Second, when I'm entering tags and I am presented with a completion
that I want to select, I can trigger the suggestion by pressing Tab,
but then the cursor moves to the next field. How do I get the
suggestion to be accepted leaving the cursor in the Tag field so that
I can enter another? Right now I can click or right-arrow over to
the end of the suggestion and then press space, but this is way too
much work. For interface consistency, when there's a tag suggestion,
Tab should trigger it, leaving the cursor at the end of the Tag field
ready for another Tag to be entered; when at the end of the Tag field
(i.e., no current suggestion), then and only then should Tab move to
the next box (the Description). Hopefully this is clear, but the
current functionality as I can figure it out is less than optimal.

Hi there. I hear you on the OK button. As for the confirmation, it is optional -- see "Hide after submit" to hide immediately after hitting the Add Link button. "Hide after post" is a separate option; if "Hide after submit" is off, you will get the confirmation, then upon clicking OK, Pukka will hide. I know this may be confusing -- Pukka 1.0 will have a help file to explain this all.

I also here you on tabbing -- Pukka 1.0 will hopefully clear this up.

Thanks for your feedback.

pukka's not working!

the demo has expired and there's no new version! how can i go on with my browsing withou it ?? please!!!

Now that this version has expired ... looking forward to the next version ... hopefully we'll see it Monday the 1st.