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Pukka and AppleScript

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True support for AppleScript within Pukka is coming soon. With this you will be able to integrate posting into your AppleScripts for things like batch uploading and automatic posting. But in the meantime, I've put together some scripts that take the current URL for all of the major browsers and send it to Pukka. I actually made these a while ago and seeing a TUAW post about browsers and Yojimbo reminded me that I had yet to release them.

There is a note in the download about how to use them, but basically they are probably best used with a launcher such as LaunchBar, Quicksilver, or Butler (or any launcher capable of running AppleScripts).

Download the AppleScripts and you should be up and running in no time!

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Looks like Pukka support has just been added to the latest beta of Newsfire. Pretty cool.

I noticed that -- been talking with the developer on that. Upward on onward!