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Pukka and NewsFire get it together

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I'm happy to announce that the latest version of NewsFire has added support for Pukka! Dave Watanabe and I worked this out and I'm happy to integrate with more great Mac software, especially slick, streamlined products like NewsFire. Check it out if you haven't already, as well as his other great products.

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Hmm... newsfire doesn't pass your selection on to the description field of pukka.
Any word as to whether this feature will be added as well?

Hey there. Saw your comment about this over on Dave's blog as well. I currently don't support capturing the description like how the bookmarklet does it. I believe the news reader posting protocol allows this, though, so I will look into it. Both NNW and NF will have to add it, but they may have done it already -- I can't tell yet. So I'll add this soon.

Very cool! Nice to see Pukka getting more airplay and exposure. Always thought of NewsFire as one of the better readers out there. So streamlined and pretty.

Thanks for the update. I posted both places, because Dave tends to not reply directly anymore (unlike the days when he used sciforums)... unless you ask quite a few times and that just annoys him.