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New Pukka release: AppleScript and private posting!

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Well, it's finally out! After a chaotic July, we've put the finishing touches on Pukka 1.3 and it's available immediately. This version brings AppleScript support, private posting, and a small convenience feature -- now you can prevent Pukka from resetting after a post by holding down the Option key. That way, you can quickly post a link to two or more accounts without having to retype everything each time.

As for private posting, just turn it on the preferences and you're ready to go. We realize that is about social bookmarking, but as they have implemented private posting and you have asked for it, we wanted to provide the option.

Lastly, on the AppleScript front, you can now script many parts of Pukka's behavior. Here are two scripts to get you started, but check the AppleScript dictionary for the full details.

  • Bookmark current Safari page to read later: Takes the title, URL and any selected text for the frontmost Safari window and posts it tagged as "@toread", privately, with a mention of the referrer, to the account of your choice
  • Bookmark Google Maps for contacts: Takes the selected contact(s) in Address Book and posts a link to a Google Map of their home address to your account, privately, as well as opens the map in Safari

These are only demo scripts, and we're not really AppleScript junkies, so we'll leave it to you to come up with more great ideas on how to integrate Pukka into your workflow. Feel free to get in touch or leave a comment here with what you've got!

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does the bookmarklet work in opera?

Hi Omar. I just tested it with the latest Opera and it works fine. It, like Firefox, asks for approval to launch an external app, but works fine after that.

Hooray! Thanks for the update, especially the private posting feature.

Thanks Justin. But on OS X and using Opera I keep getting the approval window despite clicking 'Do not show this dialogue again'. If anyone knows a fix for this, I'd appreciate it.

Is it possible to use private posting as default? As far as I can tell, sharing will always be the default.

Andy: I hadn't thought of that as a possibility, but that's not a bad idea. I will look into a preference for that in a future release.


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