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Pukka 1.6 released: status bar menu and Spotlight!

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I'm pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Pukka 1.6. Pukka now features a new, optional menu in the status bar for quick access to your accounts, tags, and bookmarks, as well as full Spotlight support.

The status bar item contains a menu similar to Pukka's dock menu:

Pukka's new status bar item

What's more, both this menu and the dock menu have been optimized so that even users with thousands of tags and bookmarks will have speedy access to them without delay.

Pukka also now features Spotlight support for fast searching of your bookmarks from your desktop. All fields are indexed, including URL, title, description, tags, author, and post date. Opening a bookmark opens it in your favorite browser, just like any other bookmarks on your Mac.

Spotlight support in Pukka
Spotlight support (click to zoom)

There are also a few tweaks, namely improved Leopard support, verification of account deletions, and correction of some minor user interface issues.

So what are you waiting for? Go get Pukka now and take it for a spin!

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Thank you for the spotlight indexing, so wonderful. I was using a separate utility before to do the same thing. Keep up the great work.

Just got the update today (yeah, I'm a little behind the times), and it's awesome. One update, you're eliminated the need for me to use delimport (for Spotlight indexing) and Cocoalicious. Thanks!

It seems that this update broke my ability to post to delicious using Pukka with Vienna. Previous versions work fine on my unupdated desktop.

Any insight?


@Chris: I'm seeing this as well and will look into it. It seems to be working ok with NetNewsWire and NewsFire still, though, so I'm not positive it's all on the Pukka side.

@Chris: This is fixed in Pukka 1.6.1, which I just released.

Thanks for the fast fix!

It would be great if the items in spotlight also contain a spotlight comment of all the delicious tags

So if i tagged as "software" and "mac" on delicious. The pukka file on my mac would have the spotlight comments: &software &mac

I hope you consider this


@James: If you look in the spotlight "all results" window and expand any of the search results, you'll see that the tags are stored for each bookmark. You can also search on these tags. The thing about the files is that you aren't supposed to use them directly; they are meant to show up in search results but opening a .pukkabookmark file just opens the URL in your browser. The files aren't meant to be used -- that's why they're in Library.

But you're saying it would be useful to be able to search for files in Finder and find bookmarks? That's a different issue altogether.