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Pukka bug fix release

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I've just released Pukka 1.6.3, which fixes several issues on Tiger and Leopard, including a hang and a potential crash.

As usual, you can update right in Pukka itself by choosing Pukka -> Check For Updates... while the application is running, or you can download Pukka from its page.


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I'm still getting a hang - not the first time it's used after a boot, but on the second use. MacBook Pro, Leopard.

Same Here, Hang on Submit, MBP, Leopard.

Ta for a Cool Product!

With 1.6.3, I am getting constant crashes within a few seconds of starting Pukka.

Rob, kmf, and Bill, I'll email all of you for details and next steps.

got the same problem as Bill both in Safari and in NewNewsWire. Pukka constanty crashes before I'm able to post anything. I'm on Leopard with a clean install (copies in the old Pukka library folder though).

Still having issues. After multiple reinstalls, firth time I use it it claims to be caching bookmarks and while it doesn't crash, it is still caching after 30 mins. I feel something is wrong.