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Another bug fix release: Pukka 1.6.4

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I've just posted another maintenance release of Pukka that squashes a few more Leopard bugs. Besides fixing a couple occasional hangs and crashes, it is now more robust in how it handles issues with the API, particularly if you are setting up Pukka for the first time and there are network or capacity issues with, but also for seasoned users under the same conditions. I've also fixed a couple of very small issues under the hood. You can go grab Pukka now or upgrade right in the application.

I've found that it can be very tricky to write an application that takes its primary value from an online service that can occasionally have reliability issues. When I set out to write Pukka, it was primarily as a client, not as a bookmark manager on the desktop, and I plan on keeping it that way. So when the conditions are less than ideal, it's very important to inform the user as to what's happening and what to do next, doubly so if they are running the application for the first time and can't use all of the functionality right away as a result. I think I've done better with this in 1.6.4 and am better keeping it in mind going forward in order to provide the best possible user experience.

Also, the transition to Leopard has been an important education for me about major operating system upgrades from a developer point of view. I camped out in line for Panther, Tiger, and Leopard at Apple Stores and have assisted many people in upgrading their computers and networks, but I've never bridged an OS transition with an active desktop software product. Although I've had access to Leopard since 2006, as a small shop there is a big difference between my testing and my user base upgrading and putting Pukka through its paces. It's definitely been an education and I'm doubly appreciative for a patient and loyal user base. Thanks, everyone!

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How can i get Spotlight to show Pukka bookmarks when searching in Leopard? This worked in Tiger but now I do not get a Bookmarks item in Spotlight when searching. Is there a way to reindex?

Hi Alex. The easiest way is just to delete the Home -> Library -> Caches -> Metadata -> Pukka folder and it will reindex. I am looking into some issues with the indexing not carrying over from Leopard.


Just seen this and it might shed some light on the Leopard problem.

Hi Alec,

I'm following the convention and putting the search files in ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Pukka as per Apple's recommendation:

So I'm not sure that's the problem -- I've seen it before and Spotlight just will have to be forced to re-read a certain type of file or a certain folder.

Still having Leopard issues with 1.64... the sound no longer works (kinda traditional to hear the kiss!) also it locks up and no buttons work causing one to abort the program.

Hi murmini... I'll email you to help resolve this.

My Pukka crashes every time I submit anything to on Leopard after updating to 1.6.4. Links seem to get posted before crashing.

It also crashes if I try to open the Dock menu.

Pukka doesn't work now for me either. First use after install great. Second use, submit a link doesn't work, only cmdQ brings pukka back so i can quit it and see no link posted at del.ici.ous. Seems really nice little app, hope you resolve this problem.