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Performance release: Pukka 1.6.5

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I've just released Pukka 1.6.5 with a slew (or, as the changelog refers to it, a metric slew) of performance updates, bug fixes, and usability improvements. You can read on for (much) more detail or just head over and get Pukka now.

The bulk of the changes deal with Spotlight performance and strain on and responding to capacity issues with the (or other service) API. Hopefully this should make Pukka perform faster, be more responsive, and be a better network citizen.

Here are the changes in depth:

  • Removed a check on the local Spotlight cache that would run 30 seconds after launch and could cause unresponsiveness in the application. The Spotlight caching mechanism has been updated to perform in a more incremental fashion to avoid the need for this.
  • Pukka now waits at least five minutes between API requests of all bookmarks, preferring requests of the latest 15 bookmarks in the meantime, to ease strain on the API and to avoid getting throttled.
  • Added CFBundleShortVersionString to app bundle, which will make Pukka's version number show up in Finder's Version column.
  • Upgraded Spotlight metadata format to store bookmark data in folders organized by username instead of one big folder. This improves performance during local cache updating.
  • Resolved a Core Data issue that may have caused a delay between when bookmarks were cached and when they appeared in the application.
  • Changed the interval used to check for bookmark updates online from one minute to three minutes. Although this was a very slight hit on the API, it was reduced in the interest of scaling back a bit because we can.
  • A Growl notification is now shown when the bookmark cache on disk is updated. This occurs whether all bookmarks were re-parsed or just the latest 15, and for each account.
  • The successful post Growl notification was updated to include the page title and the account posted to.
  • A specific error message is shown if a post fails due to API capacity issues or throttling, as opposed to a general error when posting (network, internal server error, etc.)
  • Any kind of posting error shows a panel with a "critical" alert style to indicate that data was not saved and may be lost if the application is quit.
  • Fixed two small memory leaks related to tag sorting in the bookmark menus.
  • On first run, a modal panel is shown as the bookmarks are cached for the first time. When this panel was hidden, the animation would continue. For cleanliness, this has been stopped.
  • Trivial about box updates: Two issues were tweaked with the icon animations. The randomness of the selected animation was made better and a PNG representation of the app icon is passed to the animation instead of the .icns file directly. Lessons learned from Ironcoder ;-)
  • The HTTP timeout for sending posts was reduced from the default of 60 seconds to 10 seconds to avoid making the app unusable for up to a full minute in the event that the link can't be posted.
  • A bug was fixed in the debugging console which prevented it from always scrolling all the way to the bottom on appending new content.
  • During posting problems, we now report exactly the message that was received from the API to the debugging console.

That's it! Enjoy and please contact me with any problems or questions.

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