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Meerkat preview: Setup Assistant

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Continuing in my set of blog posts previewing my upcoming application, Meerkat, I'd like to take a moment to show off another handy feature of this SSH tunneling utility.

I often find that when I'm setting up an SSH tunnel, even though I know my way around the tool pretty well, I have to consult the man page to figure out what flags to use and which direction to setup the hosts. It can get confusing.

That's why in Meerkat, I've created a setup assistant which helps guide you through quickly setting up a tunnel. While you can use the normal interface, particularly when you're editing an existing tunnel or are very used to the process, the setup assistant walks you through the basics quickly.

Meerkat Setup Assistant thumbnail

I'm hoping that this feature will help people more easily setup SSH tunnels with Meerkat. Stay tuned for more preview details soon!

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