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Pets for the environment!

Congratulations to Environmental Working Group for launching Pets for the Environment yesterday! From the announcement:

According to the latest research from EWG, I'm the canary in the living room, soaking up more chemicals than you or your children.

New tests confirmed that I'm full of toxic industrial chemicals, and I'm barking mad. You should be, too. I grow 7 times faster than humans, so what happens to pets like me - increased cancer rates, for one - might be happening to people soon.

Did you know that the humans' government doesn't make companies test our toys, furniture, or even our food for safety?

I did a little work on this site (built in Drupal, by the way), but the bulk of the credit goes to the EWG team and Mike McCaffrey.

Clearly, this is a big problem and I look forward to more of EWG's research as this is something that is affecting our cat, too. Code Sorcery Workshop and Macy are definitely on board!

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Very nice! What modules did you guys use for the "Wall of Cute"?

I'm afraid that I'll have to defer to Mike on that one -- I did mostly sysadmin-side stuff like tuning on this particular site.

The wall itself is just a view of wallpost nodes that include pet_photo nodes. However, I had to write a custom module (and some javascript ala jQuery) to allow people to choose which pet_photo node to include with their wallpost.

Thanks for the write-up, Justin, and thanks, Macy, for your support! (You may have noticed that Mike turned on commenting for the wall of cute, Macy, so now your friends can leave you messages.)

We're going to get started on our next big research project soon, so you should hear more about that next week--it's going to be big!

Pets for the Enviroment is a

Pets for the Enviroment is a great idea, as we had quite the scare last year with the dog food incident. now all i feed my pets is all natural homemade food specific for their diets.