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Beta beat: Pukka 1.7

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I've had some enhancements to Pukka in the works for some time, but thanks to the launch of Delicious 2.0, I've been spurred into action to selectively put some of them into a release, as well as address some issues with the new platform. Chief among the latter is an update to allow post descriptions up to 1000 characters, or rather, to only warn when they are over 1000, not the previous 255, characters.

I'm releasing a beta of Pukka 1.7 that also includes the following:

  • The latest ten bookmarks across accounts is now shown in the dock and menu bar menus, if they are enabled.
  • Performance has been tuned in the menu bar item, which also translates to a faster launch time if you are using the item.
  • A backup of each of your accounts' bookmarks, as retrieved from the server, is made from time to time. See Pukka -> View Backup Folder...
  • The posting sound effect, if enabled, is now played properly when the preference to quit after posting is turned on.
  • Tooltips have been added to menu bar items to display the full bookmark title if they are truncated for display.
  • Account passwords are remembered for the duration of Pukka's launch once they are retrieved from the keychain, including across system sleep.

Some other minor tweaks have been made as well, and I'd appreciate some testing. So, if you are reading this, consider yourself invited in the beta. Now take it for a spin!

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Hey, glad to see development

Hey, glad to see development is still active! I think you should definitely make the window bigger. The description field is way too small for 1000 characters. It would also be nice if Pukka was accessible via Expose. If I accidentally lose it behind another window, I have to click on its icon in the Dock to summon it... it doesn't show up on Expose.

@Mark: Regarding Exposé, are

@Mark: Regarding Exposé, are you by chance running Pukka with the "hide when in background" preference enabled? With that, I don't think that there is a way to make it visible. If that's not the case, do let me know, as it should be showing up.

And development is active! I'm working on the description issue too, to make some more room, among other things.

Nice! I just stumbled onto

Nice! I just stumbled onto the new 1000 character limit on Delicious earlier today, and figured I'd pop over to see if Pukka had been updated. Count me in!

So far (the one link I've posted), I'd agree with perhaps increasing the window size a bit to make it easier to see all 1000 of those characters. Nothing else noticed yet....


Excellent to see a new

Excellent to see a new release and supporting the new character limit. I suspect if Pukka's window was resizable and the decscription field grew/shrunk as the size is changed, that would cover everyone's space issues. It would be quite nice to be able to set the font size for the input fields too.

Thanks again for a great

Thanks again for a great tool/app/utility! I'm glad to see you jumped on updating Pukka to support the increased character limit.

I'm even more excited to see a beta build because of some performance problems I've been having. Specifically, what is happening to me is this: When I switch to Pukka, to create a bookmark, the window will frequently take 5-30 seconds to "wake up" – where during that time the Pukka window IS visible, but not in the forefront/focus – and it can't be used/written in. In other words, you can't select any fields, or do anything until it "wakes up"

It acts like the window is behind something, and the app won't let you use it (and bring it forward) until it re-sync's with delicious or something. It's VERY frustrating, and has caused me to slow down my delicious use. I haven't said anything to you yet, because I was wondering if it was my fault – ie, too many bookmarks, or something else. Have you heard of anything similar? Is there a ceiling in Pukka, where it starts having performance problems when you reach a certain amount of bookmarks?

I'm really hoping this solves the problem. If not, I'll post the details (version and other pertinent info).

Thanks again for a GREAT app! I LOVE Pukka – and I am pretty sure I've told you this a few times via email! :)