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Blog archives for April 2006

Say hello to Pukka 1.0!

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We're proud to announce that Pukka 1.0 is ready! Cut straight to the chase here or read on for all the gory details.

We've polished the edges, fixed some bugs, and optimized things all around. This is the best Pukka release ever!

As intended from the start, Pukka 1.0 is shareware. You may use it for an unlimited amount of time unregistered, but it will occasionally remind you of this fact and encourage you to register your copy. It's only $5.00 US and you are guaranteed free updates for life. You can go straight to our sales page to register through PayPal, but do feel free to take it for a spin first to make sure it's right for you. And be sure to tell us how we can make Pukka better!

As always, see the Pukka page to download or the appcast for what's new.

Happy (and speedy) posting!

Ever nearing 1.0!

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With this, version 0.9, hopefully being our last before the final version of Pukka is released, we're happy to announce a couple features and bug fixes.

Description length count

First, we have added a dynamic counter to show you how many characters you have left to type a link's description, or whether you've gone over that limit. We've tried to do this in the most subtle yet helpful way possible, so give it a shot and let us know what you think.

We've made it a bit easier to install the browser bookmarklet, too. Just use the application menu item and everything should be right in front of you.

Lastly, aside from some bug fixes, we've greatly improved the keyboard navigation. You can now tab between fields more intuitively, as well as go directly to individual fields and go to the next or previous posting account if you've got more than one set up.

So, go grab Pukka 0.9 now! This version is good until May 1, at which point we hope to have the final release ready to go!