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Blog archives for February 2007

Vienna adds Pukka support

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It took me a while to notice, but Vienna, which was released a month ago today, added support for Pukka as a posting client. Vienna is an open source RSS reader with many great features such as:

  • a built-in tabbed browser
  • full AppleScript support
  • feed display styles
  • smart folders

Vienna will automatically detect if Pukka is installed and provide it as an option under Article -> Blog With....

I come from a UNIX and open source background, so I've always liked the model of small tools fitting together to create useful workflows. I've modeled Pukka in this way and the addition of support to Vienna (alongside existing support for NewsFire and NetNewsWire) continues this tradition.

Thanks, Vienna team!

If you like Pukka, share the love!

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Pukka: Simple. Delicious.

I recently added a section to the site to list some of the blog posts and other reviews that have been written about Pukka. I've also for a long time had a couple banners available that you can put on your site. The HTML code is included, so feel free to add one (or both!) to your blog or website to share the love.

Also, if you like Pukka, I would greatly appreciate a review or rating at either MacUpdate or VersionTracker. It only takes a few minutes and some of you have done it already.

More users of Pukka means more ideas for great new features to add. I get email nearly everyday with some sort of suggestion and many of these make it to the finished product. For a tool like Pukka that works with, I find that a large percentage of the users are bloggers who can help spread the word better.

Thanks and share the love!

More bugs squashed: Pukka 1.4.3

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Get it while it's hot: Pukka 1.4.3 fixes a couple bugs related to background bookmark caching and gracefully handling issues with the interface when it's down, overloaded, or when you are offline.

Remember, you can always get the latest updates by going to Pukka -> Check For Updates... right in the application.

Happy bookmarking!

Moving and shaking in the Mac app world

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Big congratulations to Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software! Looks like Red Sweater has acquired the development rights to MarsEdit, which is what I'm typing this blog post in right now. MarsEdit was originally a spinoff of NetNewsWire -- I remember when they got split up into separate apps (and my license for NNW turned into a license for each). Then Gus Mueller of Flying Meat worked on it a while. Now it looks to be picking up again, which is good news for Mac bloggers. Brent Simmons, the author of NNW and MarsEdit, also gave me a big shot in the arm when he added support for Pukka to work alongside MarsEdit for blog posting in NNW early last year.

I met Daniel (and Brent and Gus, for that matter) at C4 last fall and I know that he's been probing around for potential apps to take over. And I saw Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba's post alluding to this news, but I couldn't quite put the pieces together last night.

This is truly cool. Great job, guys!

Gnomes 3, bugs 0: Pukka 1.4.2

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I've just made another small update to Pukka, version 1.4.2, which addresses a couple more bugs. The only one that has been seen in the wild (to my knowledge) would happen when a password was entered incorrectly. There was a chance that Pukka would keep trying the site repeatedly and possibly get blocked by the staff. I've corrected this and now alert the user immediately upon a password failure so that it can be corrected. Pukka will not hit again after that until the user has had a chance to adjust things and has been made aware of the problem.

Grab the latest version here or use the update right within Pukka.

I always strive for high performance applications, but as with any major feature upgrade, the occasional bug does creep in. The addition of duplicate notification and dock menu bookmarks required some rather large work under the hood. Know that I am committed to a stable, reliable Pukka and will address issues like these as soon as possible.

Thanks and enjoy!

Bug fix release: 1.4.1

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I've just released Pukka 1.4.1 to fix a couple bugs that users might have been seeing with this week's 1.4. Essentially, Pukka should run a tad faster, be more impervious to crashing, and not make any sound effects if you don't want it to ;-)

As always, get Pukka here or through auto-updating right in the application (Pukka->Check For Updates...).

I hope you enjoy these enhancements!

Pukka 1.4, hot off the press!

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I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of Pukka 1.4 featuring duplicate post notification, bookmarks in the dock, and much more! Grab the latest version here or read on for more info.

I've put a lot of work into this version and it features some popularly-requested features as well as some brand new ideas. First and foremost, Pukka knows every link you've posted, across every account, and will notify you when you start to edit a post for a page you've already bookmarked.

You're now given the original post date along with the option to cancel, continue editing as new and overwriting the old post, or populating Pukka's editing form with the old post for review or refinement. Trust me, this is a huge improvement to the posting workflow!

Hand in hand with knowing about past posts, it of course follows that Pukka is now aware of your bookmark collections and can let you access them. That's right, Pukka now lets you browse all of your tags, organized by account, from the dock menu! This is a much-requested feature that I'm happy to finally implement. A lot of groundwork has been laid for future functionality in this area, but I wanted to start things off right and provide a simple, fast, and direct way to make immediate use of this information. Check out a screenshot for the full scoop.

There are several more minor features that I think you'll like as well. Among these are:

  • remember main window placement between launches (Window->Save Current Position)
  • Bonjour drawer open/closed state is saved between launches automatically
  • easier keystroke shortcut for changing accounts: Command [ and ]
  • automatically trimming of edge and internal whitespace in pasted URL and title

Not necessarily a feature, but worth mentioning, is the fact that Pukka is now a timed but unrestricted demo. You've now got a fourteen day period in which to use Pukka in all its glory, regardless of how long you've been using it unlicensed so far, before it will stop working. Please consider registering Pukka if you find it useful -- it's only $5 US and since I'm now working full-time for the Workshop, your registration goes directly towards more great Mac software. And to previous customers, your registration will continue to work as always -- thanks for supporting the Workshop!

The last feature is of a more technical nature, but may be of use to some of you. If you've ever found Pukka's tag autocompletion to be too fast (or too slow!), you can now have complete control over this. The default delay is 0.2 seconds but it can be adjusted with a simple Terminal command:

defaults write net.codesorcery.Pukka "Tag Completion Delay" 0.5

Replace 0.5 with whatever amount of time (in seconds) that you'd like to have Pukka wait before suggesting a tag. If you'd ever like to revert to the default, just use:

defaults delete net.codesorcery.Pukka "Tag Completion Delay"

In a future version, I'll make this more accessible, along with a more robust set of preferences in general.

And lastly, speaking of future versions, stay tuned soon for the next version of Pukka. I've got a lot more in store and I am, as always, open to feedback from you to make things as good as possible. The next version of Pukka will likely warrant a price increase, so if you're interested, be sure to register now and save a few bucks. All licensees of Pukka 1.4 and all previous versions will continue to have full registration status for life.

Keep your RSS reader parked right here for the latest news and updates! I've been working on Pukka for just over a year now and I'm having the time of my life, so I hope that you enjoy the fruits of my labor.