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Pukka 1.7 is out!

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After some public beta testing, I'm happy to report that Pukka 1.7 is now released! There are only slight changes over the beta release, but to reiterate, the main new features include:

  • The description length can now be up to 1,000 characters in order to match recent changes to Delicious.
  • The latest ten bookmarks across accounts is now shown in the dock and menu bar menus, if they are enabled.
  • A backup of each of your accounts' bookmarks, as retrieved from the server, is made from time to time. See Pukka -> View Backup Folder...

There are two new features not in the beta, too:

  • When selecting a bookmark from any of Pukka's menus, holding down the Option key will allow editing of that bookmark in Pukka.
  • Application and document icons up to 512 pixels have been added for better appearance on Leopard and greater.

There are a number of bug fixes and tweaks, too -- the best way to read the full scoop is to use Pukka's in-app updating feature or check out the appcast RSS, and you can grab Pukka itself here. Enjoy!

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Hi Justin, I tried pukka, and

Hi Justin,

I tried pukka, and really enjoy being able to use bookmarks so much more easily. I have a few suggestions:

1. Option to disable Dock icon. - Would love to have it running only on the menu. Sort of a deal breaker.
2. Option to keep a copy of the bookmarks in standard format on disk - say html.
3. Sync google bookmarks also.

Else its a joy to use.

@Ayodh: Thanks for trying

@Ayodh: Thanks for trying Pukka and for the suggestions.

1. This is something that I've been working on, but it's quite an involved story. I've blogged about it before if you are interested.

2. Thanks for the suggestion on this. As of 1.7, Pukka is now saving your bookmarks in XML format on the disk, but I'll consider HTML format.

3. I don't believe that there is a public API for Google bookmarks, so this is not reliable or easy to do, but I am researching it.

Thanks again!

I'm a fan of Pukka - tis

I'm a fan of Pukka - tis great. But since the character limit was upped to 1000, the description box is feeling a little cramped. Any chance of making it larger?

@Tom: I'm working solutions

@Tom: I'm working solutions to this, as others have mentioned this, too. Oh, and thanks :-)