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Ma.gnolia downtime and Pukka's backups

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Late last week, the excellent social bookmarking service Ma.gnolia suffered a catastrophic system failure. Recovery efforts are still underway, but in the meantime, if you are a Pukka user, you can rest assured that your bookmark data is safe and sound. As of Pukka 1.7, Pukka automatically makes backups of all of your accounts in a format that can be reloaded into Ma.gnolia (or any other social bookmarking service with a similar API, for that matter).

To get to your backups, see Pukka's main menu for an item that opens the backup folder.

Getting to Pukka's backups

Pukka updates these backups every time it pulls a full copy of your bookmarks from the server, which can happen several times a day, depending upon use.

Our thoughts go out to Ma.gnolia as they work to recover their systems.

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