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At long last: browser integration!

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Pukka bookmarklet

Since the beginning, there have been two features that many people have been requesting and waiting for in Pukka:

  1. Better integration with all web browsers
  2. Capture of the page title when posting

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we've implemented just one feature: both! Pukka now supports a bookmarklet format that lets you post from any browser (well, just about -- IE doesn't want to cooperate). This bookmarklet takes both the URL and the title of the current web page, posts it to Pukka, and focuses the tags field so that you're ready to go!

In order to use the bookmarklet, just drag the following link to your browser's bookmark bar and you should be ready to roll! Don't click it, but rather, be sure to drag it or add its contents as a bookmark.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and that it helps you post to all the faster. We are nearing the 1.0 release and have several more goodies in store, so stay tuned!

Pukka + NetNewsWire = ♥

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We're happy to announce that the latest NetNewsWire Beta has added support for a posting client in addition to a normal external blogging client. What's more, Pukka is on the official list of supported clients!

This means that you can now set your favorite blog posting software (such as MarsEdit) for posting to blogs and Pukka for posting to

Pukka + NNW = ♥

Special thanks to Brent for recognizing the Workshop. As he has said before, apps that work well with other apps are more valuable than apps that isolate themselves. We hope to continue to make Pukka better and more useful for you, so this is a great step forward!

It's just another way to say hello

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We've been hard at work on the next release of Pukka and are proud to announce two new features that we hope you'll love. While we don't yet have a final release, that's good news for you. Pukka is still a free beta and the demo period has been extended to March 31 as we continue to hammer out the kinks and make it all that it can be.

If you want to cut to the chase, download Pukka now!

The first new feature is a no-brainer -- tag auto-completion based on what you've used before. We've tested it with thousands of tags and are happy to report that it's lightning fast and you should have it in your bookmarking routine with no effort at all.

Bonjour logo

The second new feature sprang out of thinking about the South By Southwest conference. Code Sorcery is there right now (in our "day job" guise) and we got to thinking about how we could make social bookmarking, well, more social. So we're happy to announce Bonjour support in Pukka. Just pop open the Bonjour drawer and see all of the other Pukka users on your local network, along with all of their usernames. Double-click to visit their page. It couldn't be any simpler. Now, when you're at an event or gathering of like-minded social bookmarkers, you can tap into what's happening in a whole new way.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or question. If you prefer email, see the contact page. We'd like to hear what you think of Pukka!

Hello world!

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Welcome to Code Sorcery Workshop. I'm a Mac-loving technology aficionado just like you and I want to write great Mac software that's fun to use. I have a day job, but I really like Cocoa and the idea of writing software for a living, so here I am, starting small.

Check out my blogroll for some other great Mac software, all of which I use. Much thanks to Brent Simmons, who first opened my eyes to great Mac shareware, and to Luis de la Rosa, who recently got me excited about it all over again.

My first app is called Pukka and is a posting client. I wrote it after someone at work mentioned that there weren't any good multi-account clients. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are no speedy clients with low overhead that stay out of the way, either.

I set out to write a program that does the actual posting and I had it working that night. It grew from there as I lovingly tweaked it and worked with beta testers to make it better. I hope you like it. What's more, I hope that you'll support my efforts so that I can keep the creative juices flowing. Pukka is a free beta until March 15, at which point I hope to be able to sell the 1.0 release for a nominal fee (again, starting small -- feel free to give me feedback on this.)

Now, get posting! And thanks for visiting.

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